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Universe - Cover image



SCA is the largest private forest owner in Europe. Each tree is carefully taken care of and optimally utilized to create renewable and recyclable products such as paper, wood products, sawdust, pulp and energy. This makes them an industry leader in sustainability.

When Bold started working with SCA they had just moved from being a small part of a hygiene group to becoming a listed company of its own and needed their own identity.

The Challenge

SCA's business areas would now act as its own company with a separate marketing plan but it should still look and feel like a part of the overall group. When developing the new identity, a challenge emerged: the current perception of the forest industry. It was seen as slow moving and old fashioned.

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The Solution

We wanted to challenge that perception by using new technologies to show the beauty of nature´s ecosystem, and the renewable life cycle of their products. Every aspect of the new visual identity was therefore built and crafted around the idea of an infinite cycle. 

We started by going to their forests. In collaboration with their experts, we studied, collected samples, and even grew our own seedlings. The samples were brought to life through meticulously crafted models and cutting-edge rendering techniques — hyper-realistic 3D scans, hi-res photogrammetry, and scientifically accurate simulations. Developed as unique assets, the rendered samples we created can be used together in films/animations or individually as static elements for print and digital applications.

The Result

The new identity proves there is nothing old fashioned about the forest industry. By capturing the essence of the forest, while accurately representing SCA’s products we built a world that had never been seen before. The result is an ecosystem viewed through the lens of technology. We call it The SCA Universe – an industrial ecosystem driven by the force of the forest.