Creating a personal path to progress - Cover image
Creating a personal path to progress - Cover image

Creating a personal path to progress


After operating with a temporary identity since they merged in 2014, SATS and Elixia needed a visual profile that could strengthen their common brand. We developed a new typography, style of photography and UX.

The Challenge

SATS is the biggest chain of fitness clubs in the Nordic countries, with more than 600.000 members. SATS and Elixia merged in 2014 and have been operating with a temporary visual identity ever since. There was a need for a clear and comprehensive expression across the organization, with a brand experience relevant for their target audience and flexibility for SATS to grow.


The Solution

The concept of the identity is based on visualizing the movement and energy of training through the dynamic typography, the brand images and UX. The brand photography focuses on movements and the precise moment when you make it. The concept of having straight letters with one angle and round letters with another, creates a unique typeface that constantly moves. The juxtaposition of the type and movements of training create a momentum within the identity. The color palette evokes a premium feel with its predominantly dark blue hues and coral highlights.

The Result

The new brand identity is iteratively rolled out with great success. Utilizing the strength of an interdisciplinary NoA collaboration has already paid off by:

  • Increasing the member base.

  • Reducing customer loss (churn).

  • Increase in «Consideration" among the target group.

  • The brand work has tidied up the brand architecture and we have created room for concepts such as the recently launched SATS Base.

  • The new identity has also managed to create a holistic brand experience positioning SATS for the future.