Maersk - Disconnected - Cover image
Maersk - Disconnected - Cover image

Maersk - Disconnected

A.P. Moller - Maersk

The world of logistics is complex and unpredictable. A storm in the Gulf of Mexico could stop a truck in the Netherlands. A strike in India may change the colors of the shirts in Italy. And no carrier wants to take responsibility for the next step in the supply chain - except Maersk. Cause Maersk connects the world in new ways. 

The Challenge

But how do you convince the global trade that an old shipping company can take on such a huge task? Connecting supply chains end to end. Transforming the industry while transforming itself. Replacing previous suppliers and having the nerve to claim they can do it better? 

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The Solution

The idea was to give the world an insight into the company’s innovative way of thinking and  their unique ability to turn customer data into workable solutions that can cut costs and spark growth. 

The initial message of the campaign was carried through a fast-moving thriller story about four strangers from the world of logistics who had to collaborate and think in new ways because their world was inexplicably disconnected. The engagement strategy was to surprise and stand out by using the platforms in a different way than what any worldwide company similar to Maersk had done before. To attract the attention of the target audience, the film was edited as a Hollywood trailer. A familiar format to the audience - yet completely novel within this line of communication. The trailer had an invitation to watch the full 5 minute film on the Maersk campaign site. 

On the site, in addition to the full movie, stories about how Maersk connects the world of logistics were unfolded. Showcasing the many opportunities that lies in logistics with customer cases, new ways of using data, and thoughts of what the future might bring. In other words, new ways of connecting the world.