Dplay Future Vision - Cover image
Dplay Future Vision - Cover image

Dplay Future Vision


Discovery, the world’s leading media and entertainment company for documentary content, seeked the help of North Kingdom to paint a future vision for their streaming app, Dplay. The project had three parallel tracks of execution: a research track where North Kingdom looked at trends & insights in the industry, a future vision one where the team ideated and prototyped potential features and an incremental one taking a closer look at the existing service and how to bridge the gap between now and the future.

The Challenge

At the current pace of technology advancements and in a competitive sector as streaming platforms, it is difficult to predict what the future will hold. How can a product take into consideration a multitude of variables and prepare for different future scenarios?

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The Solution

Together with Discovery, North Kingdom set up a collaborative and Agile process, allowing the team to adjust the goal or to adapt the focus area when needed. When relevant, the outcome of the sprint would be a prototype to test with potential users in order to validate the appeal of new potential features. Testing had the double objective of adjusting (or leaving behind) a concept and to internally gather support from the main stakeholders.

The Result

The project outcome is being used by the Discovery team to progressively evolve their product.