Creating a user centered interface for ablation therapy - Cover image
Creating a user centered interface for ablation therapy - Cover image

Creating a user centered interface for ablation therapy


Approximately 20 million patients suffer from cardiac arrhythmia. Patients with sustaining symptoms are offered a cure called ablation.

In order for physicians to terminate arrhythmia successfully, they have to be able to find the right site for ablation and create a durable ablation lesion. With current systems, approximately 50% of patients have to return for repeat ablation treatments. CathVision develops a new electrophysiology (EP) recording system, CathVision Cube, that reduce the signal noise. Through this exceptional signal quality, ablation therapy is improved.

The product comprises a proprietary low-noise console with five patented innovations and computer software to stream, analyze and store EP signals.

The Challenge

Ablation therapy is a highly complex procedure and the interface has to be able to accommodate a vast number of functionalities. These types of interfaces are typically very cluttered and born from a technical inside out process.
We had to create an intuitive and contextual interface whith the ability to handle the high level of complexity and functionality needed for ablating.

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The Solution

We established a core team of users at a local hospital. By observing and interviewing them we got valid and tangible user feedback before we started designing and building the actual interface – all while creating a sense of ownership over the CathVision system.

Using our core team, we tested new functionalities, identified pitfalls, validated the right assumptions and quickly killed off the wrong ones.
By including UX and design from the start, we made sure that we could create an interface that was user centered, contextual and an integrated part of a technically reliable solution, rather than a “coat of paint” applied afterwards.

The Result

The interface proved to give leverage and spark interest both with investors and potential customers. A well-designed user-centered interface sets CathVision apart from their competitors.

Testing a clickable designed prototype of our interface gave us user feedback that would typically require two years of coding. This made it virtually cost-free to adjust the solution based on feedback.