Bip&Betal - Cover image
Bip&Betal - Cover image



This is the first digital service that takes care of your end to end shopping, all in one app.

The Challenge

Have you ever wondered how many times you handle a carton of milk from the shelf to your fridge? Have you never been annoyed when the person in front of you at the check-out took her time while your kid was screaming in the background? Supermarket shopping, especially done at the most hectic hour of the day, can be a hassle. On the other hand, there’s nothing like touching and choosing your vegetables, seeing what’s on offer, being inspired by something on the shelf or throwing in a little treat for later.
This is what we focused on when we began to create a new mobile shopping experience. Inspired by online grocery shopping and what makes e-commerce shopping and shopping carts smarter, we set out to design a mobile experience that would make the physical grocery shopping better, easier and faster.

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The Solution

Bip & Betal (Beep & Pay) is a new feature in the already popular Coop app. The Bip & Betal journey begins when the customer enters the store and checks in using his mobile device. He is now able to import his shopping list, allowing Bip & Betal to intelligently check off each item on the list as matching products are scanned and added to the grocery bag. As the customer is scanning groceries, he sees the total cost and discount at all times, removing the chance of unpleasant experiences, such as unforseen prices or miscalculated totals.
We also added a bit of friction to the otherwise frictionless flow to make the customers to feel confident in what they are doing. When completing the payment, the customer gets an immediate confirmation in the app and a green lamp lights up at the check-out, signalling to their surroundings that they have paid and everything is okay – and the customer can leave the store with peace of mind.
The shopping list, the scanning, and the payment are all handled in the app, making the customer completely independent of both store personnel and other customers.

The Result

Through Bip & Betal, we have created a physical shopping experience that is more efficient, smarter and frictionless. Not for the sake of doing something digital, but merely using technology to make life easier. No more waiting in line, no more struggling with your groceries in the basket, no more interference from other people in the store - just you and your shopping!

With their new service, Bip & Betal, Coop transforms grocery shopping as we know it. Many people worldwide have experience with self-scan solutions, but this is the first digital service that handles your end-to-end shopping experience – all in one app, freeing you from external frictions and enabling a smoother hassle-free shopping environment.

By relieving the customer from handling their groceries more than once and empowering them to scan and pay the groceries in an app Bip & Betal is optimizing the in-store micro moments that are so critical for our shopping experience.