NoA acquires Inlead – a leading Salesforce partner in Norway - Cover image
NoA acquires Inlead – a leading Salesforce partner in Norway - Cover image

NoA acquires Inlead – a leading Salesforce partner in Norway

October 3rd, 2023

NoA has acquired the Norwegian MarTech company Inlead, thereby enhancing its expertise in Salesforce, CRM, and marketing automation.

Since their start in 1999, the Norwegian company Inlead, based in Stavanger, has provided business solutions in marketing, sales, and service, specializing in the cloud-based CRM system Salesforce. The acquisition strengthens NoA's position as the leading Nordic agency network in data, tech, and creativity.

"One thing is to acquire new clients; another is to retain the most profitable clients over time. That's where companies like Inlead and tools like Salesforce often hold the key to success. This acquisition also marks the beginning of NoA's presence on the west coast of Norway and allows us to offer clients more of our services in this region," says Thomas Høgebøl, Executive Chairman & Founder of NoA.

Inlead's founders, Per Magne Espedal and Per Eric Johansen, are also looking forward to joining NoA.

"We look forward to being a part of the creative and innovative force that NoA represents. By becoming a part of the NoA family, we gain even greater impact within our strategic focus areas, while offering our existing and new clients a broader range of services in strategy, creativity, data, and technology. Inlead has built what has become one of the region’s largest competence centers for Salesforce, and by joining NoA - and Axenon - we become part of the leading Salesforce partner in the Nordics. This will undoubtedly benefit both our clients and employees, and we look forward to assisting existing and new clients in achieving customer-driven growth together with the rest of NoA," say Per Magne Espedal and Per Eric Johansen.

"I'm excited to welcome Inlead to NoA. They are not only incredibly nice people who fit well into NoA's culture but also highly skilled professionals. Their high level of expertise aligns perfectly with NoA’s best-of-breed strategy, and we look forward to expanding our CRM and Salesforce expertise in the Nordics together with them - to the benefit of our clients," says Mikael Jørgensen, Group CEO of NoA.

Inlead becomes part of the NoA agency and Salesforce specialists Axenon, which is headquartered in Stockholm.

The purchase price will not be made public.