Henriette Hosbond appointed new CEO of NoA Ignite Denmark - Cover image
Henriette Hosbond appointed new CEO of NoA Ignite Denmark - Cover image

Henriette Hosbond appointed new CEO of NoA Ignite Denmark

August 24th, 2023

After 17 years, Jakob Langemark is passing on the CEO baton at NoA Ignite Denmark to Henriette Hosbond. He himself will continue as a driving force in NoA, responsible for enhancing the interdisciplinary collaboration as well as the growth of NoA's client base.

Henriette Hosbond, the longtime Chief Experience Officer at NoA Ignite and a partner at NoA, assumes the role of CEO at NoA Ignite. She will solidify the company's position as one of the world's most innovative and culturally strong design and tech companies.

"I have learned an incredible amount from Jakob during our eleven years as colleagues, and I will undoubtedly continue his unwavering focus on culture and employee engagement. I am taking over NoA Ignite with a strong momentum, and I look forward to further developing our offering as one of the world's leading players in loyalty-enhancing product and service innovation,” Hosbond states about the leadership change.

She emphasizes the importance of maintaining and strengthening the company's distinctive DNA: "We have always cultivated a deep understanding of people and the unique brand. This is where we find the real distinctiveness and can create a digital solution that can truly be felt and that resonates with people. On top of that, technology is absolutely crucial for bringing these ideas to life. In a time when technological development is faster than ever before, it is essential that we remain curious and constantly expand our understanding and skills within tech. I see it as my prime task – and privilege – to maintain and nurture precisely that DNA, so that we continue to create unique solutions for our clients."

At the same time, Hosbond will actively strengthen the collaboration with the approx. 450 colleagues from NoA Ignite in Sweden, Norway, and Poland. She states, "To continue ensuring top-notch quality and delivering strong results for our clients in an increasingly complex digital landscape, we need to work even more closely with the sharp specialists in digital design and development found in our other markets."

Jakob Langemark comments on his choice of successor: “Henriette is an extremely driven person with both feet firmly planted on the ground. She has delivered exceptionally strong results in her years as Chief Experience Officer and leader of the UX and design team. She has succeeded in building high-performing teams where everyone thrives, understands the clients’ issues, and performs at their best. In fact, I identified Henriette as my successor - unofficially - several years ago, and it is with the utmost confidence that I pass on the leadership baton to her."

Group CEO of NoA, Mikael Jørgensen, adds his voice, saying: "Henriette is an incredibly skilled professional and a dedicated business strategist with a deep understanding of how to develop unique digital experiences that create high value for our clients. At the same time, she is a natural and empathetic leader with a flair for creating close-knit teams - both internally in NoA Ignite and across the broader NoA organization. I look forward to our collaboration and to witnessing the next chapter for NoA Ignite."

Jakob Langemark continues in NoA in the newly created position of Senior Engagement Partner and will remain a part of the NoA Denmark management team. Mikael Jørgensen elaborates: "Jakob has been an indispensable part of NoA since Hello Group - now NoA Ignite - joined the NoA family. He has a unique ability to understand clients’ challenges, and it is therefore with great pleasure that we see him take up a new key position, which will contribute positively to the interdisciplinary collaboration and the growth of NoA's client base."

Jakob, Henriette & Mikael