Sustainability - Cover image
Sustainability - Cover image


Nordic consumers are among the world's most sustainably conscious, and 3 out of 4 are concerned about how they can act in a way that better cares for the environment. However, interviews with 20.000+ consumers and professional buyers, we have conducted globally, show that even though we talk about eating green, shopping locally, and buying second hand, we rarely change our habits. Why is that? And what can we do about it?

Those questions are at the core of what we work with at NoA. We help companies make sustainability actionable and desirable, accelerating business growth and positive impact. We won’t help companies become compliant, deal with regulations, do climate accounting or optimise their value chain. But we’ll help them communicate, innovate, engage, and empower — turning ambitions into growth and positive change. 

Here are some examples of how we bring to life positive impact for people, planet and profit:

  • &Co’s European Elections campaign 2019 that helped strengthen democracy by rising voter turnout with 18,5% - the first rise since 1979. 

  • Bold’s work for financial inclusion, shaping the visual identity of Majority, the first digital banking service built by migrants for migrants. 

  • NoA Ignite’s work with Ruter, to create an award winning app that helps more than 1 million people in the Oslo region choose public transport, walking and biking. 

  • Cross collaboration to help C4IR Ocean shape their identity, innovation processes and create a "digital twin of the oceans", giving powerful people data to manage our oceans better. 

Making Sustainability Actionable and Desirable

Working with sustainability we have three guiding principles: 

  • Our work is always grounded in science and facts

  • We use stories to inspire, align and create change

  • We have real proof that business can be a force of good