Welcome Listeners - Cover image
Welcome Listeners - Cover image

Welcome Listeners

HiFi Klubben

To break down mental barriers and open up HiFi Klubben up to a wider audience, we launched Welcome Listeners – an integrated campaign reminding us all that in a world where no one listens, listening is a gift that can turn everything upside down.

The Challenge

HiFi Klubben is a Nordic retailer that sells quality hifi-products with a very strong focus on sound quality. They’re known as the region’s leading experts on quality hifi and great sound, and HiFi Klubben is the go-to store for people looking for the best in speakers, amps, turntables or streaming systems.

For years, HiFi Klubben as fought against bad sound and as a consequence, the brand has been perceived as elitist and somewhat geeky - which has had a negative impact on consideration. Based on a larger driver and positioning study, the task was to break down mental barriers and open up HiFi Klubben to a wider audience.

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The Solution

We live in a time where no one listens. Analysis shows that 85% of us watch videos without sound on social media. We used this as a hook to get users to skip the skip button and engage with our message - and we succeeded. The hero film worked as a wakeup call, reminding people to open their ears and rediscover the power of listening and the importance and joy of quality sound. The story is told from an unexpected perspective by a presenter who is born deaf. He reminds us of the power of listening and invites us all to join a community of like-minded listeners at HiFi Klubben. This was emphasized through a direct flow of educational content and articles about everything from nostalgia in music to quality headphones and speakers. Everyone who pledged to listen on the campaign website was rewarded with a digital voucher for quality hifi products.

The Result

The message struck a chord with picky social media users and was described on YouTube as “the first ad that no one ever skipped”. The hero film was a wakeup call and invited people to take a pledge to listen on the campaign website. The campaign forged a community of like-minded listeners that engaged in discussions and shared the message on social media.

+58M impressions.
+19M video views.
+39K Social shares.
28% Avg. organic reach on Facebook.
37% Avg. VTR on Youtube.

More importantly, the campaign succeeded in breaking down barriers and pushed the perception of HiFi Klubben in a positive direction.

Brand perception of HiFi Klubben increased significantly, and the campaign had a positive impact on the following barriers across key segments:

  • “HiFi Klubben is only for geeks” is down by 21%-56%

  • “HiFi Klubben feels like a members-only club” is down 18%-23%

  • “I feel like I have to know a lot about technology to be a customer at HiFi Klubben” is down by 11-32%.

  • “The brand doesn’t connect with me as a person” is down 19%-40%

Intention to visit also increased with 49% saying they’re “likely” or “very likely” to visit HiFi Klubben as a result of the campaign (benchmark is 27% for tv and 28% for online).