SAS new livery - Cover image
SAS new livery - Cover image

SAS new livery

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

SAS, Scandinavian icon and leading airline, is launching a brand-new livery. Reflecting the iconic history of the airline, with a new look that strives to have a positive impact. The SAS fleet has included numerous types of aircraft since the airline was launched over 70 years ago, each reflecting the time and current trend. For the first time in 20 years, they are ready to unveil their new fleet; including the world’s most modern and fuel-efficient aircraft, the Airbus 350.

The Challenge

SAS is introducing extensive changes to the fleet as a part of an investment looking forward. And reducing climate impact is central to this new livery concept. The new livery is a modern take on classic Scandinavian design. The ideas behind the design align all parts of the SAS brand identity. A design that is a symbol for change yet embraces SAS’ heritage. Taking SAS further into the future.

The Solution

From hundreds of sketches, the concept chosen for the new livery was a combination of Nordic simplicity and sophistication, driven by confidence. Including innovations in design such as a paint coating requiring fewer layers, reducing the weight of the aircraft, thus translating to lower CO2 emissions.

SAS is a blue Brand, the most recognisable and strongest brand asset. And so, the new fleet will display more of this signature colour. The previous Scandinavian flags have been updated for a more minimalistic and modern design. The design also features a hidden gem - poems featured on the aircraft’s engine. The interior and exterior of the aircrafts are now harmonized, tailored to the Scandinavian way of travel.

The Result

With the introduction of a new, modern fleet including the world's most fuel-efficient aircraft – SAS is ready for a new era. This award-winning design of the SAS new livery aims to redefine Scandinavia and drive positive change by reducing climate impact.

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