ProViva Orange - Product launch - Cover image
ProViva Orange - Product launch - Cover image

ProViva Orange - Product launch


When ProViva wanted to introduce their first orange juice to an already crowded market, we developed a launch campaign that would draw attention to the unique aspect of the product and make it stand out.

The Challenge

Blueberries and exotic flavors in all honor but for many Swedes, 40 % to be exact, orange is the preferred flavour of breakfast juice. For that reason, it was extremely important for ProViva to enter the great «orange jungle» provided by their competitors. ProViva Orange was launched in spring 2018 and Kicker helped ProViva to launch the new product. The goal was to differentiate ProViva from the competitors, create awareness and drive product sales.

The Solution

The living bacterial culture is ProViva's signature and unique feature. It is beneficial for the stomach and does good for the whole bodily system, inside and out. With the message “Gör dig redo att möta dagen” (Prepare to meet the day) Kicker chose a tonality the audience liked. 

The concept was based on the fact that too many of us have forgotten to take care of ourselves and are not well prepared to deal with our everyday lives. The “Gör dig redo att möta dagen” message was communicated on television, in newspapers, social media and in store. This reminder turned out to be the key in making consumers choose ProViva over other orange drinks for their breakfasts.

The Result

We at Kicker can happily announce that the launch was a success. ProViva Orange directly gained sixth place among ProViva's best-selling products and topped the sale of other juices.