Improving the Audi e-tron experience - Cover image
Improving the Audi e-tron experience - Cover image

Improving the Audi e-tron experience


Prior to the launch of Audi’s first fully electrical car, they wanted a digital solution that could help make it easier for customers to reserve a car and reduce the amount of manual labor in relation to the purchase orders. Through a hackathon, group work and user tests, we defined the perfect solution – an innovative and personalised web service empowering customers to configure, order and pay for their new car.

The Challenge

The e-tron is Audi´s firstborn fully electrical car, arriving on the market in 2019. Months before the launch, over 7 000 customers tripping in line to put themselves on a reservation list. Together with Audi and Ateles, we’ve developed a digital reservation solution, that manages customers´ expectations, simplifies the retailers’ processes of preparing and delivering the cars, and reduces the amount of manual labor with purchase orders.

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The Solution

We gathered a mix of retailers, employees, marketing and IT, plus designers, analysts, service designers and process managers from NoA Ignite for a two-day hackathon. With Customer Journey Mapping and multidisciplinary group work, we developed four different concepts for how the process, from customer interest to ready delivered car, could be made as smooth as possible. Self-service and high predictability were main drivers here. In the following weeks, we worked in design sprints, conducted user tests and interviews, and carried out Open Galleries, meaning open exhibitions where the business side and employees could add input. Through iterations and continious user testing, we identified the strengths and weaknesses that helped us define the perfect solution.

The Result

We’ve developed a future-proof web service, personalised and distributed to more than 7 000 customers. This way, we’ve empowered the customers to configure, order and securely pay for their new electric car. The number of inquiries on the phone and through email have been significantly reduced, and the car retailers have a solution they themselves helped create. Furthermore, the solution will be the template for similar services for their other car brands: VW, Škoda and SEAT.
You can find Audi’s new service here.