Middle names - Cover image
Middle names - Cover image

Middle names


Unexpected things can happen when people meet technology. Like the fact that users of the mobile payment app, Vipps, got to know the unknown middle names of friends and colleagues through the app.

The Challenge

Vipps has become one of Norway’s best-known brands in just over three years, however, this is not a position Vipps takes for granted. They need to work deliberately every day to maintain the expectations. Anorak has been given the task of reminding people of the service who started it all – friend payment – and making people a little fonder of the Vipps brand.

The Solution

Since its launch, Vipps’ communication has been as playful and simple as the service. In this case, we wanted to enhance Vipps' communication by drawing on a popular topic, that has led to giggles and smiles among observant users for a long time – specifically the middle names that gets exposed when using Vipps.

The Result

The campaign gained great attention in social media, on television, in the press and it got people talking!