Interland - Be Internet Awesome - Cover image
Interland - Be Internet Awesome - Cover image

Interland - Be Internet Awesome


How do you teach children to be safe online?
As part of the global program, we created Google Interland. An easy-to-play game that prepares children to be on guard against Internet threats including hackers, cyberbullies and phishers – and helps children navigate safely and responsibly in the digital world.

The Challenge

A growing issue.
The digital world connects people from all over the world and has, in many ways, democratized knowledge. However, being safe online is becoming a larger issue, and with children becoming more involved in the digital world at a younger age, it’s growing into a vital issue. How can we help younger and younger children to become safer online?


The Solution

We discovered early on that to introduce these helpful tips for children, it is essential to create something that inspires playfulness, creativity and yet conveys the message of staying safe online. Therefore, North Kingdom collaborated on a global program with Google, called Be Internet Awesome. The program consists of five fundamental learnings – Be Internet Smart, Alert, Strong, Kind and Brave.

"Google understands how embedded technology is in the lives of young people and the importance of reaching them at a young age and in an engaging manner." Holly Hawkins, President and CEO of IKEEPSAFE


The Result

Achieving change all around the world.
For teachers, a curriculum was designed with lesson plans that have received the ISTE Seal of Alignment. In the first four months, the curriculum was downloaded 30 000 times and Interland was played over 163 000 hours. Since it’s release, Google Interland has been localised in Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese, helping children all over the world to become safer online. Google Interland has also been awarded European Design Awards, FWA Top 100, FWA site of the day and Awwwards site of the day.