Integrerat 2017 - Cover image
Integrerat 2017 - Cover image

Integrerat 2017


Despite being one of Sweden’s most beloved brands, IKEA’s market penetration has decreased over the years. They have a rather large product range, so it is easy to think that IKEA is people’s first choice. Being a generalist does, however, has its downsides.

The Challenge

IKEA, with a total SOV far below their market share, fights specialists in four business areas.  Figuring out how to deal with this is a challenge, as all research shows that the SOV should be at least twice as big to defend that market share. The growth of these specialists resulted in a loss of attraction for 
IKEA. It became clear that people liked the brand more than they liked the products. This poses a new challenge, as there is a connection between visits and product liking. Our brief was to create a concept that could handle all business areas and break through the clutter. The objective was to increase product liking and preference for all business areas and, as a result, drive long term sales and visits.

The Solution

To show that IKEA truly understands how people live in the real world, we launched the concept “Where life happens.” The goal was to demonstrate that IKEA’s products can help solve or improve on emotional problems of everyday life, without shying away from sensitive topics. In this broad multi-channel campaign, each media is used in their own unique way to show that life itself is IKEA’s biggest source of inspiration when developing new products. Products that can help make everyday life a little easier for people.

The Result

We managed to significantly surpass the goals we had outlined. 

Product preference was exceeded with + 300%, brand preference with + 100%, brand liking with + 150% and advertising efficiency was increased with + 62%. In 2017, the concept yielded $12 millions worth of deserved media coverage and an estimated 4,1 billion impressions.  

PeeAD had been republished in over 1650 publications and created approx. $12 millions in earned media. The TrueViews had stunning average viewing rates: over 3 minutes per spot. According to Google Brand Lift Study* the rate for consideration was "Best in Class" compared to other brands in the retail category. The videos had over 12 million unpaid impressions.

The TVC has managed to break through the ad clutter. Observation 75% vs benchmark 59% (brand with same media investment). Liking 67% vs 55% and affinity 56% vs 43%.

 *) Google Analytics, Google Brand Lift Study, ÅH-websurvey 2018.