Hemköp Alltid Bra Pris - Cover image
Hemköp Alltid Bra Pris - Cover image

Hemköp Alltid Bra Pris


In order to attract more customers to Hemköp, we created a campaign that would increase awareness of the supermarket chain’s low-priced products and inspire more Swedes to shop at their local Hemköp store.

The Challenge

Consumers appreciate Hemköp's supermarkets with city location. But too many potential consumers choose to do their weekly shopping at supermarkets with a low-price image. To make more consumers aware of Hemköp as an affordable option, Kicker needed to clearly communicate and bring greater focus on Hemköp's assortment of consistently low-priced products.

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The Solution

Kicker developed an easily accessible name, Always a Good Price, and a communicative graphical symbol that quickly explained the benefits with Hemköp's low priced product range. We packed the products under inspiring meal themes like "Everyday", "Vego" and "Eko” in order to further simplify the customer decision process. We demonstrated that Hemköp has attractive quality goods at really competitive prices. The tonality used was deliberately populistic to reflect the simplicity and reliability of everyday shopping with Hemköp. 

The Result

The Hemköp relaunch became a big success with an increase in sales that exceeded all expectations. Of those who saw the outdoor campaign; 72 % expressed a much better overall impression of Hemköp.