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Call Girls - Cover image

Call Girls


During 2020, men who buy sex have been under the microscope in Sweden, as a famous TV host was convicted of buying sex, and several brothels were raided by the police. Even though the sex trade has gotten alot of attention, we rarely get to hear the women’s side of the story. Talita, a Swedish non-profit organization working with helping women out of prostitution, wanted people to listen to the women for once. Therefore, we helped Talita to launch their very own call girl-line.

The Challenge

Trafficking for sexual purposes is a widespread problem. But when prostitution and human trafficking are discussed, we often get to hear the perpetrator’s side of the story, rarely the victims. We want to change that.

The Solution

We’ve launched 0939–1915, a new kind of call girl-service, where the caller gets to listen to real stories from women who’ve been exploited within the sex trade. The phone number, which at first seems like a regular call girl service, lets the caller choose one of several presented names. Every name offers a recording of a woman who shares her experiences of living in prostitution. The caller is charged 9.90 SEK (approx1.15 USD) every minute. All profit from the calls goes to Talita and their work to help women out of prostitution.

The Result

The campaign received heavy coverage in Swedish and international news. Thanks to a tremendous engagement in social media – where some of Sweden's most beloved celebrities shared the call girl number – we received thousands of calls within the first weeks of the launch. The campaign, which is Talitas's most successful to date, has helped them spread women's stories and at the same time collect money so that they can help more women out of the sex-trade and into a new life.

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