ATG Elitloppet 2018 - Pop-up - Cover image
ATG Elitloppet 2018 - Pop-up - Cover image

ATG Elitloppet 2018 - Pop-up


Even though Elitloppet is one of the biggest betting weekends for ATG, they wanted to explore the possibility of increasing sales prior to the event in 2018. We created a pop-up store for ATG, with both games and events. We moved the fun closer to potential customers and it paid off.

The Challenge

Elitloppet is the equestrian response to Super Bowl and one of the biggest betting weekends of the year. But to be honest; people's interest in trotting does not increase exponentially. The betting market competition is extreme with lots of new entrants fighting for attention. So, despite this aggressively competitive environment, could sales be increased? Well, that was the head mission placed upon Kicker by ATG before the Elitlopp weekend in 2018. 

The Solution

Of course, there is potential for increased sales, we thought. But to achieve our goal we had to add more horse power. How about moving the game closer to the potential consumer and at the same time create greater interaction? Said and done. The spot we at Kicker chose was the Central Station of Stockholm, where 200,000 people pass each day. Our solution was a giant pop-up store with a combination of games, event and a quite likeable ATG-blue plastic horse. After one week we could establish that this had become the winning concept.

The Result

Despite all obstacles, this Kicker signed event turned out to be a great success. ATG´s sales increased by 38 % compared to previous year. In addition, we had managed to attract new players by being physically present.