Always on track - Cover image
Always on track - Cover image

Always on track


Flytoget - A little but important part of all journeys «Always on Track».

The Challenge

Flytoget (Oslo Airport Express) was a little but important part of almost 7 million journeys in 2018. Competition is increasing on the functional attributes, and even though Flytoget has 97% customer satisfaction, they lack emotional associations and risk travelers going for the cheaper alternative.

The Solution

The continuous role of the new communication concept is to increase willingness to pay especially among leisure travelers and build mental availability on the consequences of delivering stress free zone, being a small but frictionless part of millions of journeys each year. Thanks to the pride and focus on excellent service among the more than 340 employees, running on time and having frequent departures adds up to positive real-life consequences for the customers. Flytogets attention to details always wanting to deliver the most pleasant travel experience for more than 20 years, has made them one of Norways most liked brands. That is why Flytoget can promise their travelers: Always on track.

The focus for the first campaign is the fact that the airport express train is the fastest and most reliable way of getting to the airport on time. Departures every 10 minutes also giving travelers the flexibility to grab a coffee before they go or go back for whatever that forgot. The new concept is launched with a campaign on TV, online, outdoor and social media.

The Result

Campaign and new communication concept launched October 17th 2019 (results will be updated). Our Teddy has quickly been picked up by industry press:


«A touching tale of teddy bear blues… raising awareness to the under-reported issues of teddy depression, this sweet sport for Oslo Airport Express, Flytoget, sees a left behind bear go through a range of emotions  - from anxiety to crippling, curled-up-in-a-sink desperation - before being returned to its owner».  - The Shots

 «An adorable Teddy gets left home alone in charming campaign for Flytoget», Little Black Book

“There are a lot of things that only happen when you are in a hurry: You get stuck at traffic lights and watch as your bus drives off into the distance, slower people keep blocking your way, or you get stuck in a queue when you have to be somewhere else in just 15 minutes. These are just a few examples of what might get wrong when you are in a rush. Just Murphy’s law in action. And the worst of them all? You walk off the house without something you absolutely need. Your option? You can go back and pick that thing up. However, that usually means that you miss your train, bus, or plane. We can relate, so here’s something that might cheer you up: Flytoget Airport Express departs every 10 minutes. This way nothing, or no one, gets to be left behind”, 


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