The North Alliance (NoA) partners with international ocean technology centre, C4IR Ocean - Cover image
The North Alliance (NoA) partners with international ocean technology centre, C4IR Ocean - Cover image

The North Alliance (NoA) partners with international ocean technology centre, C4IR Ocean

November 20th, 2020

As part of the World Economic Forum (WEF) network of Centers for the Forth Industrial Revolution, C4IR Ocean connects science, technology and policy, to improve ocean productivity and health. NoA is partnering with C4IR Ocean to help the initiative reach an international audience through the creation of powerful stories and compelling user experiences.

The C4IR Ocean was established by the World Economic Forum and The Aker Group in September 2019, as one of 13 international centres in the C4IR network, and the first to focus solely on one major challenge for the future; ocean sustainability. The flagship project, the Ocean Data Platform (ODP), collects and makes new, comprehensive knowledge accessible to researchers, decision-makers and developers across the globe. Building on this, C4IR gathers private and public partners to develop the policies and technologies needed for substantial change to improve ocean health.

- Through our subsidiary Making Waves, NoA has worked with the Ocean Data Platform since the beginning. Now, as NoA, we bring our complete offering of capabilities within branding, marketing and tech into the partnership with C4IR Ocean. Our goal is to ensure that the complex challenges regarding ocean health are made understandable for a global audience of stakeholders and potential partners, says Katrine Sundbye, Client Director at NoA.

Partnering to mobilize more progressive ocean leaders

The North Alliance (NoA) is a Scandinavian design, communication and tech network, consisting of 12 of the region’s leading agencies within data-driven marketing, advertising, design, digital service development and business innovation. NoA is now entering into a formal partnership with C4IR Ocean, investing 3-4 MNOK in the venture. The investment funds structured processes to explore ideas and opportunities together with the partners, as well as strengthening the initiative through further platform development, brand experience and communication. 

“- We want to be the largest, most inviting and results-focused hub for technology-driven solutions for the ocean. From the start, we´ve articulated a clear goal to engage and mobilize key players within ocean industries, policy makers and science. Teaming up with a professional service organization as NoA to strengthen our brand and user experience will enable us to mobilize more progressive ocean leaders globally. We are looking forward to scoping out a clear path from visions to concrete programs and actions together with NoA and their leading team of communication and tech experts”, says Bjørn Tore Markussen, CEO of C4IR Ocean.

A growing hub of ocean doers

Nicknamed a "do-tank", the C4IR Ocean has already attracted key science, technology and industry partners, including The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), Cognite, and earlier this fall, Microsoft announced its partnership with C4IR Ocean as part of their water sustainability strategy. NoA brings new competencies into the partnership with their proven track record of data-driven marketing, design and service development.

- NoA’s strategy is to contribute to positive change with an international reach. Thus, C4IR Ocean is a great match for us. Today, many factors work together globally to form a push towards environmentally responsible business practices, creating both challenges and opportunities for our clients. This collaboration with C4IR Ocean is a rare opportunity, where we can prove that contributing to sustainable solutions also represent attractive business opportunities, says Kim Ydse Krogstad, Country Manager for NoA Norway.



Katrine Sundbye, Client Director

Tel. +47 976 68 866


C4IR Ocean:

Bjørn Tore Markussen, CEO 

Tel. +47 909 15 668