Sebastian Broms new CEO of NoA Ignite - Cover image
Sebastian Broms new CEO of NoA Ignite - Cover image

Sebastian Broms new CEO of NoA Ignite

January 10th, 2023

Sebastian Broms has been appointed as the new CEO of the digital agency NoA Ignite. He succeeds Jonathan Pettersson, who remains CEO of the agency network The North Alliance (NoA) in Sweden. Jonathan Pettersson will also continue to work with important pitches and clients for NoA Ignite as well as with other agencies within NoA Sweden.

"As a founder of Oakwood (acquired by NoA in early 2021) and in his role as Chief Commercial Officer for NoA Ignite, Sebastian has proven to be an amazing entrepreneur, business leader and a key player in the running of NoA Ignite. Therefore, it feels both exciting and natural to now let Sebastian assume full responsibility for NoA Ignite’s journey ahead," says Jonathan Pettersson, CEO of NoA Sweden.

"With Sebastian taking over as CEO of NoA Ignite, I will be able to focus on my role as CEO of NoA Sweden, where my main passion is to develop our customer offering in the fusion of creativity and tech. I look forward to having more time and the opportunity to get closer to our customers - both existing and new ones. Nothing makes me prouder than to be part of the unique approach that we have when we gather our specialist skills around a customer mission," continues Jonathan Pettersson.

In connection with taking over as CEO of NoA Ignite, Sebastian Broms also becomes a member of the management group for NoA Sweden.

"It feels great getting the honor of leading NoA Ignite on our continued journey. Being CEO of one of Sweden's foremost and best digital agencies makes me incredibly proud. And getting to work with all the fantastic colleagues within NoA Ignite makes me both confident and full of energy. Add some of the Nordic region's most exciting customers and you have what must be considered a perfect mix for success, says Sebastian Broms, newly appointed CEO of NoA Ignite."

Sebastian Broms succeeds Jonathan Pettersson in the position as CEO of NoA Ignite Sweden. And the change takes place with immediate effect.