Oakwood becomes part of NoA - Cover image
Oakwood becomes part of NoA - Cover image

Oakwood becomes part of NoA

February 3rd, 2021

The North Alliance (NoA) is acquiring e-commerce company Oakwood to consolidate the group’s digital commerce growth strategy. Oakwood holds a unique brand equity position in e-commerce in the Swedish market, working with clients including Gina Tricot, Fjällräven, Aco, 24Storage and analysis firm Redeye. 


Oakwood has been working with e-commerce since 2006 and has developed a holistic approach that integrates e-commerce and digital brand development to generate growth and long-term competitiveness for the agency’s clients. The agency has leading-edge expertise in technology, design and ways in which these components act together to develop brands and drive sales. Oakwood’s position has proven to be a winning formula in terms of the company’s profitability, the market’s development and today’s rapid changes in consumer behaviour. 


NoA has now announced that Oakwood will become part of the group in a step to expand and strengthen NoA’s current digital commerce offer, which today includes digital firm Making Waves.


‘Recent times have seen an enormous growth in demand for e-commerce solutions that go beyond e-commerce alone to include an experience which in itself creates competitiveness. By becoming part of NoA, we can now capitalise on our full potential and amplify our offer with all the expertise under NoA’s roof,’ says Sebastian Broms, founder and CEO of Oakwood. 


Broms continues, ’Over the past few years we have refined the way in which design and technology act together to create unique customer experiences and business benefits. In combination with NoA’s expertise in technology, digital marketing and communication, this knowledge will comprise a comprehensive and unique digital commerce offer.’ 


While e-commerce has long held a prominent position for many companies, the development and enormous growth in recent years has now made it absolutely business critical. NoA Group Chairman Thomas Høgebøl argues that, to be competitive, actors looking to achieve digital commerce growth will be dependent on e-commerce solutions in which technology, design and brand combine to shape the offer and experience. 


’We are in the process of building a Nordic powerhouse in digitalisation and creativity. The acquisition of Oakwood is a clear benefit, as we view them as one of Sweden’s most interesting e-commerce actors. NoA’s overarching concept is to gather all of the best expertise under one roof and, together, generate growth across the client’s entire business. Our clients’ need for guidance and expertise within e-commerce is growing explosively, and with Oakwood as part of NoA we look forward to strengthening our current digital commerce offer,’ Høgebøl says.

The acquisition transaction was finalised on 27 January 2021. Additional news about NoA’s offer in the business segment will be presented in the near future. 

 About Oakwood

Oakwood is an e-commerce agency with a strong position in technology, design and branding. Working with its clients, Oakwood creates digital experiences that drive brand preference and business benefit. Oakwood, founded in 2006 by Sebastian Broms, has in the past ten years been honoured with Agency of the Year, Webby and Lovie Awards and has led the development of Nordic digital design.