Meet our new NoA partners of 2021 - Cover image
Meet our new NoA partners of 2021 - Cover image

Meet our new NoA partners of 2021

September 24th, 2021

We’re happy to welcome 29 new partners into our extensive employee investment program in NoA! 

As of 2021, our employee investment program consists of over 170 colleagues across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Poland. Collectively, they own 51% of NoA, while the rest is owned by private equity firm Norvestor. It’s a unique ownership structure for an agency family the size of NoA, as competitors usually have a more centralized ownership structure. 

For us, attracting and maintaining talent is vital - and our broad employee investment program is one of our biggest success factors. Our partners all excel in their respective fields and contribute positively to our collaborative culture and growth journey at NoA. 

A warm welcome to our new partners:

Emma Andersson Glaas and Fred Östman Ellison at Bold Sweden
Izabel Östgren, Klas Sabelström and Simon Andersson at NoA Ignite Sweden
Wilhelm Haak at NoA Connect Sweden
Linda Leijon Rosvall at NoA Sweden
My Unosson at NoA Consulting Sweden
Mia Wallmark Nylund, Maximilian Herr, Mathias Lindgren and Linus Johansson at North Kingdom
Johan Tivelius BKRY
Pernille Ryder, Mathias Birkvad, Ole Hoffmann, Kristoffer Winther and Claus Collstrup at &Co.
Amanda Bloch and Anders Tolborg at NoA Ignite Denmark
Henrik Strøier at NoA Consulting Denmark
Øystein Vinje at NoA Connect Norway
Kay Bjørnvik, Erik Nesse and Gøril Julin at NoA Ignite Norway
Simen Hanssen at Anorak
Christian Søgaard at NoA Consulting Norway
Anders Kvistad at NoA Norway
Max Berg and Hannes Waller at Unfold

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