Meet our new CEO of NoA Norway - Cover image
Meet our new CEO of NoA Norway - Cover image

Meet our new CEO of NoA Norway

February 1st, 2022

Mikael Jørgensen, CEO of NoA; “The North Alliance, has found our new leader of NoA Norway within our own ranks. Kai Holmberg, who comes from Unfold, will be the new CEO of NoA Norway. He will take responsibility for further developing the collaboration between our brands; Anorak, Bold, NoA Ignite, NoA Consulting, NoA Connect, Unfold, Scienta and Agitec.

“NoA exists to create the greatest possible impact for the companies we work with. We represent the strongest interdisciplinary environment in Norway, and create change through strategic substance, solid craftsmanship and targeted growth. This is not achieved through working independently and pulling in different directions, but by carefully matching teams of specialists bringing their various professional competencies from across NoA. This has also proven to be the most motivating way to work for skilled professionals and talents because it brings our advisors closer to companies, as well as the customer and user groups they serve,” says Holmberg.

Employees and partners at the centre

“Kai is extremely customer-oriented and known for his drive and passion to create both growth and change”, says Mikael Jørgensen. “In addition, he is a very sympathetic person - bringing a positivity to his work that is contagious.”
Thomas Høgebøl, working chairman of NoA, says: “Kai is a unique strategist and advisor. He has extensive experience from a number of industries and has demonstrated an ability to create results in a world in constant change”.
As in NoA Sweden, Denmark and Poland, NoA Norway is now led by an “insider”. “We have found that this is the best structure for us,” says Jørgensen. “For us, it is important that everyone is deeply involved in the projects and that we co-create those values together with our partners. Kai lives and breathes this philosophy in practice “.