The Green Shift - Cover image
The Green Shift - Cover image

The Green Shift

Bridging the gap between business and the planet.

This is the most exciting and challenging time to be a company and brand: Green Deals, ESG investing, value centric consumers - our world is shifting, and with it the rules. Sustainability has not only become an expectation, it has transformed into one of the most promising paths to growth.

Through leveraging sustainability and connect it to the company’s commercial strategy, companies can:

  • Increase their brand value
  • Access new growth areas
  • Attract the best talent
  • Increase resilience
  • Reduce bottom line
  • Increase enterprise value

Making Sustainability Tangibile

Our Offering

Seizing these sustainable opportunities is complex. It requires innovating across a company's cores, from their vision and positioning, all the way to their products and communication and more - this is why NoA believes it can have such a big impact - we not only bridge these gaps but connect them.

Uncover and define your opportunities

Unlocking sustainable opportunities means making it tangible to your context. We connect innovation and business to turn winning strategies into tangible products and services.

Circulate your products and services

Tomorrow's products and services will be circular, but getting it right isn't easy. We connect design and business to turn circularity from a pipe dream to a winning solution.

Increase your brand value

Sustainability is not only valuable for the planet, but also for your brand. We connect positioning with communication to make your voice the most attractive and unique out there.

Pilot and build sustainable concepts and services

This is a new world - there are no right or wrong answers. We connect agile innovation with data to make sure that mistakes can't happen.